When a potential new customer uses a search engine to find products or services associated with your business, the results provided to them will often be relevant and local. Having local listings in place with your correct business information, especially your NAP (name, address, and phone number), is helpful for SEO. These integral business details can be listed and managed on several different websites as well as monitored for accuracy through our dashboard.

What are Listings?

Listings are websites that mention your business details such as business name, address, phone number, website URL, email address, business description, etc. There are many sites where this can be done, such as Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and hundreds of others. Some sites have more domain authority or value, but as long as you aren’t listing your business information on websites with bad domain authority, it is generally fine.  Keep in mind that while listings aren’t the be all end all to SEO, it is important to make sure your business is listed accurately on the right sites. Think of it like this: what if you left your business card at several places nearby and people picked them and looked at them? Wouldn’t you want to make sure your information was correct on your business card? Listings are the same way except online. 


Name of Your Business

This may sound simple, but making sure it is the same across all of the most popular platforms is important. Any inaccuracy can cause inconsistency in your listings and negatively impact your business.



Full Address

Where your business is located so that customers can easily find you is vital. But again, consistency, so that everything is spelled the same way across the sites where your company is listed online, including abbreviations, is key.


Phone Number

The phone number of your business is the most crucial to your clients. Believe it or not, people still like to call and speak to a live person. And, if you have one digit wrong on your phone number, they aren’t reaching you.

Why Are Listings Important?

Online listings are important for two reasons. The first is somewhat obvious in that if you don’t have the necessary business contact information available, it can be virtually impossible for a potential customer to reach you. Secondly, the details contained within your listings, as touched on earlier, help search engines to provide potential customers with results that are usually relevant and nearby. When a search engine can physically place your business, it has a much easier time connecting your products and services with those who are searching for them. Having your listings properly managed helps with maintaining the accuracy of the information.

We manage directory listings

So far we have covered listings and why they are important. You may have also heard the term directory listings, which is basically what we mean when we say listings. They are used interchangeably when referring to listing your business information across multiple websites on the internet. What do we mean by managing directory listings?  Listings can be managed manually by going to each site yourself or paying someone to do it for you. You can also subscribe to different dashboards that manage multiple listings in one place. We have several ways of doing this for you, and we can discuss in a free consultation which one would be best for your business.

How we manage directory listings

For the most part, we manage directory listings through dashboards. We offer different dashboards based on which would be the best fit for the client’s business. Each dashboard has software that is designed to create, manage, and monitor listings. The differences come down to how they are created and managed and how you will utilize the dashboard.  We understand the importance of your business listings and want to help ensure that your company’s listing information is accurate. When working with Jameson Grace Marketing, you can know that we will go over each option and explain them thoroughly so that we find the best fit for your business.

Find out if your listings are inaccurate!

Are Your Listings Accurate?

Are your customers able to find you when searching for your product or service?

Don’t let your business fall victim to lost revenue due to missing or inaccurate business listing information. Put our listing management services in place so that your business information can be found EASILY and ACCURATELY across the internet.